Pvt Ltd Company


Setting up a private limited company is one of the highly recommended ways to start a business in India. This type of company offers limited liability for its shareholders with certain restrictions placed on the ownership. In private limited company registration, directors may be different from shareholders.

Tax Acharya, your trusted Consultant, provides a cost-effective company registration service in India. You may learn how to register your business here. We take care of all legal formalities and fulfil the compliances, as defined by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Post-approval of the company registration process, you receive a Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), along with PAN and TAN.

Benefits of Company Registration

  1. Limited Liability: The most significant advantage of a private limited company is that the owners have limited liability. This means that the shareholders' assets are protected if the company goes into liquidation. If the company goes bankrupt, the owners are only liable for the amount they have invested in the company. Any company's money remains with the company and does not fall on the owners' shoulders
  2. Tax Efficient: Private limited companies are tax efficient as they can claim corporation tax relief on their profits. This can be a significant saving for businesses and increase profits. In addition, private limited companies can pay dividends to their shareholders, which are also taxed at a lower rate. In addition, there are several other tax advantages available to companies, such as capital allowances and R&D tax credits.
  3. Separate Legal Entity: A private limited company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders and directors. Offer liability protection to protect your company’s Assets.
  4. Easier To Raise Capital: Raising capital for a business can be challenging, and private limited companies are becoming increasingly popular as they attract investors into the business more due to their credibility. This can be done through issuing new shares, taking out loans, or issuing bonds. it is often easier to approach HNI for funding when operating under a private limited company. This is because these potential investors do not require an active role in the day-to-day management of the business, unlike shareholders in public companies.
  5. Flexible Management Structure: Private limited companies are famous for sole traders or small businesses that do not have the resources to set up a public limited company. This can be advantageous for companies who want to keep control of their operations within a small group of people. With private limited companies, the owners are given complete control over managing the business.
  6. Professional Image: A private limited company gives a professional image to businesses, which can be important when attracting new customers or investors. It also shows that the industry is established and has longevity. This is because private limited companies are more credible and established than sole traders or partnerships. In addition, private limited companies often have their website and letterhead, giving customers and suppliers a sense of trust in the business.
  7. Protection From Creditors: One of the critical benefits of a private limited company is that it offers protection from creditors. This is because the company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders and directors. If the company goes into debt or bankruptcy, creditors cannot seek direct payment from the personal assets of the business's owners. This can be essential protection for the shareholders and directors as it limits their liability. This means that if the company goes bankrupt, the owners are not personally liable for any money owed by the company. This can be a significant advantage for businesses struggling as it gives them some breathing room and time to reorganize their finances without worrying about personal repercussions.

Documents Required By Tax Acharya for Private Limited Company Registration

Documents Required from Directors, Shareholders
  • Pan Card Copy (Mandatory)
  • ID Proof (Any one) – Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof – Latest Bank Statement/ Latest Telephone or Mobile Bill/ Latest Electricity Bill.(MUST be less than 30 days old)
  • Passport Size Photograph
Documents Required for Registered Office Address
  • NOC - No Objection Certificate from the Owner of the Property
  • Address Proof - Latest Telephone Bill or Mobile Bill/ Gas Bill/ Electricity Bill (MUST be less than 30 days old)

The Registration Process now is completely online. So you can get your entity registered while sitting at home. Tax Acharya Promise you to complete the process within 2 weeks.